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Gateway Rush Soccer Club

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Gateway Rush is looking for coaches for the upcoming season.  Email resume or coaching experience to [email protected].  

Gateway Rush Coaches and Managers

2019/20 Gateway Rush Team Coaches & Managers

2012/U8 - PremierAndrew Crawford[email protected]Peggy Carson[email protected]
2012/U8 - UnitedAndrew Crawford[email protected]Tom Borsch[email protected]
2011/U9 - UnitedRick Artime[email protected]Kim Houberg[email protected]
2010/U10 - UnitedRoger Gemoules[email protected]Jackie Boeshans
Jamie Barger
[email protected]
[email protected]
2010/U10 - PremierColin Hilpert[email protected]Josh Paarlberg[email protected]
2010/U10 - BlueHerb Schuler[email protected]Rachel Paolucci[email protected]
2009/U11 - UnitedChris Webb[email protected]Kim Houberg[email protected]
2008/U12 - UnitedJeff Sommers[email protected]Missi Sommers[email protected]
2007/U14 - PremierScott McCall[email protected]Melinda Dennis[email protected]
2006/U14 - UnitedScott McCall[email protected]Jennifer Smith[email protected]
2005/U15 - UnitedAndy Peck[email protected]Ginger Schantz[email protected]
2005/U15 - PremierAndy Peck[email protected]Ginger Schantz[email protected]
2004/U16 - UnitedMatthew McVicar[email protected]

2003/U17 - UnitedDan Nelson[email protected]Krescene Beck[email protected]
2002/U18 - UnitedWyatt Essenpreis[email protected]Jamie & Scott Rader[email protected]
2001/U19 - UnitedEd Ratka[email protected]Kris DeBourge[email protected]

2012/U8 - UnitedMike Bayne[email protected]
20112012/U8 - UnitedAndrew Crawford[email protected]Mikki Travnicek[email protected]
2010/U10 - PremierAndy Peck[email protected]Stacy Pokorny[email protected]
2010/U10 - UnitedJessica Bayne[email protected]Lauren Yank/Ashley Kamp[email protected]
2009/U11 - UnitedJay Bayne[email protected]Laurie Gough[email protected]
2008/U12 - UnitedJess/Mike Bayne[email protected]Michele Cerna[email protected]
2008/U12 - PremierChad Holland[email protected]
2007/U13 - UnitedPat Fromme[email protected]Amanda Fromme[email protected]
2007/U13 - PremierAndrew Crawford[email protected]Heather Hartmann[email protected]
2006/U14 - UnitedJoe Reiniger[email protected]Dave Bohnenstiehl[email protected]
2006/U14 - PremierAndrew Crawford[email protected]Peggy Carson[email protected]
2006/U14 - BluePat Fromme[email protected]Amanda Fromme[email protected]
2005/U15 - UnitedJoe Reiniger[email protected]Lynne Engelage[email protected]
2005/U15 - PremierJason Baldus[email protected]Leslie Cooley[email protected]
2004/U16 - BlueMatt Cordes[email protected]Kristi Cordes[email protected]
2004/U16 - UnitedWyatt Essenpreis[email protected]Jamie Rader[email protected]
2004/U16 - PremierJerry Lakin[email protected]Peggy Webb[email protected]
2003/U17 - UnitedJason Mathenia[email protected]Jason Mathenia[email protected]
2002/U18 - UnitedChris Hooker[email protected]Lori Neidhardt[email protected]
2001/U19 - UnitedClint Tucker[email protected]Darin Ufert[email protected]


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