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Gateway Rush Soccer Club

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Gateway Rush is looking for coaches for the upcoming season. 

Email resume or coaching experience to [email protected]

Gateway Rush Coaches and Managers

2021/22 Gateway Rush Team Coaches & Managers

2013-UnitedKevin Dunaway[email protected]Laura Barke[email protected]
2012- UnitedPat Shelton[email protected]Tom Borsch[email protected]
2012- PremierJason Rust[email protected]Sarah Mercurio[email protected]
2011 - UnitedLarry Julius
[email protected]Kim Houberg[email protected]
2011 - PremierLarry Julius[email protected]Monica Freeman[email protected]
2011 - BlueRick Artime[email protected]Rick Artime[email protected]
2010 - UnitedRoger Gemoules[email protected]Jay Bruns
[email protected]
2010 -PremierPat Shelton[email protected]Megan Smith[email protected]
2009 -UnitedCarlos Vasques [email protected]Hitpreet Mijhail[email protected]
2009 -PremierChris Webb[email protected]Peggy Webb[email protected]
2008- UnitedTravis Carter[email protected]Ali Andrasko[email protected]
2007 - UnitedScott McCall[email protected]Ava Gerdman[email protected]
2006/07-UnitedScott McCall[email protected]Jennifer Smith[email protected]
2005 - UnitedAndy Peck [email protected]Stacy Rottman[email protected]
2004 - United Matthew McVicar [email protected]  
2003 - UnitedDan Nelson [email protected] Krescene Beck [email protected]

2014-UnitedCarlos Torres [email protected]Mike Juenger[email protected]
2014-PremierTravis Lansaw[email protected]Mike Juenger[email protected]
2013- UnitedLarry Julius[email protected]Niki Delgado[email protected]
2012-PremierMandi Meier[email protected]Mandi Meier[email protected]
2011-UnitedAndy Peck[email protected]Mikki Travnicek[email protected]
2010 - UnitedAndy Peck[email protected]Stacy Pokorny[email protected]
2010-PremierAndy Peck [email protected] Stacy Pokorny [email protected]
2008-United Andrew Crawford[email protected]Michele Cerna[email protected]
2008-PremierLarry Julius[email protected]Allison Olden[email protected]
2008-BluePreston Payne[email protected]Stacey Hunn[email protected]
2007- UnitedScott McCall[email protected]Becky Hamm[email protected]
2007- PremierJason Rust[email protected] Heather Hartmann [email protected]
2006-UnitedChris Webb[email protected] Peggy Webb[email protected]
2005/U16 -United Joe Reiniger [email protected]Kristi Cordes[email protected]
2005/U16 -PremierJason Baldus[email protected]Leslie Cooley[email protected]
2004/U16 -United Wyatt Essenpreis[email protected] Jamie Rader [email protected]
2004/U17 -Premier Matt Cordes [email protected] Kristi Cordes [email protected]
2004/U18 -Blue Matt Cordes [email protected] Kristi Cordes [email protected]