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Gateway Rush Soccer Club

The age group coordinators are listed below.  If you have any questions related to ID sessions or the teams in the age groups below please contact the POC listed.   

Age group coordinators


Birth year Contact Email

Birth year Contact Email
2013/2014 Joe Reiniger [email protected]

2013/ 2014 Joe Reiniger  [email protected]
2012 Pat Shelton [email protected] 

2012 Joe Reiniger[email protected]
2011 Rick Artime [email protected]

2011 Andy Peck [email protected]
2010 Pat Shelton [email protected] 

2010 Andy Peck [email protected]
2009 Carlos Vasques  [email protected] 

2009 Joe Reiniger [email protected]
2008 Ali Andrasko [email protected] 

2008 Andrew Crawford[email protected] 
2007 Scott McCall [email protected]

2007 Andrew Crawford [email protected] 
2005/ 2006 Andy Peck [email protected]

2006 Joe Reiniger [email protected]
2004 Matt McVicar [email protected] 

2005 Joe Reiniger [email protected]
2003Dan Nelson [email protected]

2003 / 2004 Wyatt Essenpreis [email protected]
Kirk Beeman [email protected]
2002 Wyatt Essenpreis [email protected]